Ft. Knox Locks Ultimate NO DEFEAT video - check it out!!!

Check out this great video

Ultimate (competitor lock) defeat:we attempt to defeat ours

Defeating Trailer Locks (Competitors)

Defeating the Gorilla Lock


Defeating the Curt flat flange lock


Defeating the Trimax "bar over" lock


Defeating the common Reese bar over lock which many other companies also make


New take on an already bad design from MasterLock


VERY commonly used MasterLock trailer lock easily defeated

Ring & Hitch lock defeat


Blaylock with brass MasterLock lock


Blaylock bumper pull lock with a "disc" lock


MasterLock heavy duty LOOKING lock easily defeated again

Defeating a common latch lock.

Defeating the Blaylock Bulldog Lock

This is an attempted defeat of one of our own Ft. Knox Locks Gooseneck locks.  Even with the hinge cut and totally compromised it is still secure and we cannot get the Ft. Knox Lock off because of the nature of the Puck lock and how it still holds the 2 halves securely together.

Defeating the most common "bar over" lock out there.

Defeating the Blaylock gooseneck lock.

defeating trailer locks (Blaylock set bolt)