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  • Pictured here is a pile of almost $600 worth of trailer locks.  The average price of these locks was $50 - $75. All 11 locks were defeated easily and quietly with only bolt cutters or a crowbar in a combined time of just under 2 minutes!  That's only about 10 seconds per lock!  Do you see your lock? 
  • Be sure to visit our "Competitor Lock Fails" video page to see just how ridiculously easy most trailer security products are to defeat and why our gooseneck lock is the best gooseneck lock!

Recent Customer Testimonial - 10/2/2018


Just wanted to say thank you for your very quick response to my questions via text and the really fast shipping. Ordered on Friday evening and the lock was in my mailbox on Monday afternoon!!! Wow!!! Will be installing today and I am sure that I will rest easier knowing my little trailer is much safer with this lock on it!!! Thanks again!  Terry E

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 Just a few short months after starting our storm shelter business in Tulsa OK our gooseneck dump bed trailer with $40K worth of equipment on board was stolen from a secure construction yard on Easter Sunday morning 2014.  The thieves cut through 3 heavy chains on the entry gate and then 2 logger chains which were running through the frame of the trailer and fastened to concrete blocks which had been poured into the ground.  Heavy bolt cutters were used to defeat the chains and heavy duty locks. Thankfully insurance covered much of the loss, but the time to regroup, get a new trailer and equipment took a few weeks.  I told myself - "this can't happen again" and I spared no expense in fabricating a new lock system for my trailer that was BOLT CUTTER PROOF!

Construction Background

My personal career had been as a construction estimator and project manager.  Over some 30 years I had become familiar with the MasterLock 770 hasp and "puck" lock systems used on Mini Mobiles and temporary construction containers which we used to store our tools and Bobcats overnight.  I had never seen this system defeated and I chose to start with that locking system and reverse engineer a locking system for the latch and the set bolt of my new gooseneck trailer.  I never imagined how much attention I would get from other friends in the construction industry who began to request what they saw as the best gooseneck lock for theirr own trailers to include adapting the system to other bumper pull couplers, trailer locks and other types of gooseneck trailer locks. .

March 2015

So after about a year of local sales to friends and the development of several more versions, we filed our patent and I constructed a small display which oddly resembled a black and yellow Charlie Brown Christmas tree and went to our first trade show.  It was the local Home and Garden show and to our pleasant surprise we were overwhelmed with sales and orders.  So here we are just a couple of years later and we have lock sales in all but one of the 50 states (I know it's small, but surely there must be trailers in Rhode Island). We feel so encouraged to have witnessed a significant tragedy turn into such a blessing for our family. Thanks for considering Ft. Knox Locks as we believe our lock system is the best (and thanks to my wonderful wife of 35 plus years for coming up with such a great name:)!  We may be adding other trailer locks in the future - keep watch!

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