Please Note:  All puck locks we have become aware of are compatible with the brand of surround hasp we are now using.  Also, due to quality issues, we no longer use any MasterLock products in our manufacturing and we no longer sell the MasterLock puck locks.  We do sell the Trimax as a solid steel entry level puck lock but we have recently added both the Cobra-7 and the Abloy Sentry cylinders in our own branded Aluminum and Steel body puck locks.  You asked for it - we delivered.

Ft. Knox Locks has patents granted and other patents pending - Thank you for your patronage!

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Our trailer locks are coupler specific, be sure to check yours with the pictures for each version!


Note:  If you don't see your coupler represented please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or pictures of your coupler for confirmation.  We have several models to include trailer locks, gooseneck trailer locks and travel trailer locks.

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